The BJJ MO5E5 Podcast Show #1 (GWTM)

//The BJJ MO5E5 Podcast Show #1 (GWTM)

The BJJ MO5E5 Podcast Show #1 (GWTM)

In this podcast Moses talks about foundational beliefs and poses a challenge to those who reject the triune God of scripture to justify the existence of the laws of logic without using logic.

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  1. Cameron July 21, 2016 at 8:36 am - Reply

    Hey Gene. Followed you on TNM. Been doing jiu-jitsu for about a year now and am hooked. This sounds like an interesting podcast. Coming from a background of thinking about worldviews a lot I have seen some amazing correlations between understanding these things and jiu-jitsu. I’ll definitely be checking this out and look forward to hearing more. Thanks for doing this.

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