world masters 2015

I am leaving tomorrow to head for the IBJJF World Master Competition in Vegas. As I have stepped up the frequency of competition in my own life I realized that I have a list of items that have become essential to me on competition day. I am going to share this list with my readers for our mutual benefit.  In the future I will simply refer to this list to make life easier for my brain. 🙂

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A Back Pack– Large enough to hold a Gi and the fluids that I will be consuming during competition

Gis– At least 2. You need to have an extra gi incase your gi rips or for some reason is not approved by the IBJJF gi checker. I will take 3 if I am planning on training in the city where the competition is being hosted just in case I can’t get to a laundry facility.

Nail Clippers– Maybe your nails grew overnight more than normal or one of your team mates forgot to clip his nails.

Tape and wrap material– Just in case I roll an ankle or a wrist I can tape it up with the kind of tape that I prefer.

Advil- Because you never know.

Playlist and earbuds- I always like to listen to music right before I step on the mat to compete. I actually have created a “competition playlist”

My ID Card- I actually place it in the small pocket of the back pack since I have to pull it out and put it away several times.

Fluids– I like to drink G2 that is diluted by 50% with clear Pedialyte. Straight Pedialyte is too sweet for my taste buds. I usually have 3 or 4 bottles with me.

Flip Flops– I see a lot of people wearing running shoes with a gi. I am not sure why because it seems like too much work.

Snacks– Some type of snack food like a granola bar or something,  just in case I get hungry during the waiting time.

Hair Gel– Last but not least, BJJ Moses likes to keep the hair looking fresh between matches. hahahaha