The BJJ Moses Podcast Show #9 (GWTB)

//The BJJ Moses Podcast Show #9 (GWTB)

The BJJ Moses Podcast Show #9 (GWTB)

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  1. Rod Campbell January 24, 2016 at 9:37 am - Reply

    Nice podcast Gene. I think you’re correct on most points, however there may a an exception. We will use knee bars as an example, which are currently only legal for Brown belts. In order to prevent becoming a Brown belt with White belt level knee bar technique, one must practice them like everything else. That said, everything is on the table when I roll with someone my same belt or above. Eventually people at you’re school will know to expect them, so one could say its actually helping the other students with their defense as well. However, you are absolutely correct in that this should never be done at a visiting school or if a visitor comes into you’re dojo, and never on a lower belt. Additionally, its more like a catch and release for the most part, in order to begin identifying opportunities. Nice to see the V3 is back!

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